Peterhof Palace, St.Petersburg.




Blissfulness - Dodo Montague.

|Summer 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle - the original Walt Disney Castle.

Munich --> Prague --> Vienna --> Moscow.
Graduation 2nd JULY.
It seems like everything will begin & end
according to my plan.
but sometimes i do prefer
something chaotic in my life
because that`s when the miracles can appear.

& where will you be?
Blissfulness - Dodo Montague.



优雅的分手 对我说却是残忍的
最狠的报复 是面不改色
太多的不舍 一时之间都束手无策
我宁可你难过 跟我交恶 不要一副无所谓的撤

Rice cover with Eggs - Omurice.
Spaghetti with Eggs - Omuspaghetti?

Signed in Blood - Dodo Montague.


Great Music by ZAZ.
in a great place, Montmartre.
behind the church of Sacred Coeur
There is another small church.
which we enter through the side door
on the left &
to stroll all the way downhill
after the sunset.

Signed in Blood - Dodo Montague.

|Fly Me to the Moon

a great song before sleep.
goodnight Dodo.

Signed in Blood - Dodo Montague.

|Untitled Again


I miss you and you.
and you and you and you again.
with so many of you..
why are you still spinning in my mind again?

Signed in Blood - Dodo Montague.


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